Starting College

28 August 2018

Hey, my name is Gracie Brubaker! I am currently a freshman majoring in Occupational Therapy at Elizabethtown College. I am excited to take psychology because I never took this specific class in high school. I was originally put into a HUM Peace, War, and Nonviolence class, but I felt like I should take a class that would benefit me in the field of work I would like to undertake in the future.

I do not have any background in psychology because like I said I did not take it in high school because my schedule was already full. When I hear the word “psychology” I think of the brain and how it works. I also think of psychology as finding reasons why people’s personalities are so different from one another and why reactions of people are so different.

The three topics that look the most interesting to me are “psychology then and now”, “how to improve memory”, and “how to get good sleep”.  The topic about psychology then and now interests me because I feel like it will be interesting to hear how much information has been discovered over time and how people discovered it. I always feel like I have a terrible memory, therefore learning how to improve memory is something I am looking forward to. The topic about getting a good night’s sleep also catches my attention because sleep is so important and there are probably tricks to sleeping better.

One topic that sounds the least interesting to me is the “attachment theory” because anything with “theory” in the name sounds boring. Another topic which sounds the least interesting would be “observational learning” because this topic sounds like we have to just observe something then learn from visuals, and that does not sound too intriguing to me. The last topic that does not sound interesting is “classical conditioning” because I am not sure what type of “conditioning” the topic is referring to.

The one question that I would like to answered by the end of this class is: How does someone improve their memory and what makes someone have a bad memory?


1 thought on “Starting College”

  1. Welcome to the course Gracie. The topics you pulled out as most interesting will have a lot of practical tips you can apply right away to your life, so I hope you get a lot out of those classes. We will talk at length about the best ways to improve your memory, so I’m confident you will make strides in that area. I’m pretty confident you’ll enjoy the topics you picked out as least interesting more than you originally thought, as there is some really cool stuff in those lectures (like does watching violence make us more violent).

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