First Impression Ch.1- Myth Busters

Myth Busters: “Do Beer Goggles Really Exist?”

I chose to watch one of the short clips of “Myth Busters”. The short clip I watched was testing the myth that drunk people tend to find others more attractive than when sober. To go able this test, Adam, Kari, and Jamie all went through headshots of people and rated them one to ten on how attractive they were. The computer then totaled the score of each person. The next time they rated headshots of different people after they drank some beer. Adam’s score went up by 25, Kari’s score went down by 65, and Jamie’s score went down by 11. The group thought they should try it again but this time after they drank scotch. The third time they rated headshots Adam’s score went up by 13, Kari’s score went up by 63, and Jamie’s score went up by 6. The group came to the conclusion that when drunk people find others more attractive than when they are sober.

During this experiment I think that a strength was that they all three participated and rated people while sober, buzzed, and drunk. Adam and Jamie are males and Kari is a female which helped the diversity of the experiment. After each trial each result was slightly different, but overall they came to a conclusion that when drunk people find others more attractive. I also think a strength during this experiment was they were originally going to stop after drinking regular alcoholic beverages, but to actually get a full representation of rating people’s attractiveness while drunk they drank scotch also. Their scores were all different after the third trial, which helped clarify that Adam’s results were at a steady incline and Kari and Jamie’s results were a little up and down.

Some issues I had when watching this clip was the large range of numbers that they had to rate each person. The numbers were one to ten so if I were to rate a person’s headshot a five, and I saw the same person later I may rate them a six next time because to me a five and six are too close. If the scale was one to five that would help clarify how attractive the headshot is because there are less numbers to pick from. Another weakness was Adam, Kari, and Jamie had different headshots to look at for each trial. If they had to rate the same headshots each time, they could compare what they rated each person for each trial. Since everyone was different Kari could have received a lower score because the people she was given for the second trial were overall less attractive than the headshots in the first trial.

Overall, this short clip of “Myth Busters” was very interesting and gave me some insight on whether or not someone who is drunk finds people more attractive than they would when sober. The Myth Buster team went about this experiment very well and I like how they all participated in the experiment to receive ultimate results.




2 thoughts on “First Impression Ch.1- Myth Busters”

  1. The concept of this experiment is very interesting to me, and you made a lot of good points! I do agree with you that the range is too large for this experiment and should have been done on a 1-5 rating scale to really narrow down if they find someone attractive or not. I also agree with your second point that they should have given the cast members the same picture to rate after they have consumed alcohol. The fact that they did not rate the same picture really debunks the conclusion they made that yes, drunk people find others more attractive than when sober, mostly due to the fact that they could have received a picture of someone that was more attractive (or vice versa), regardless of the fact that they were under the influence. A weakness I saw that you didn’t mention was the sample size. Only three people were tested, which is not enough evidence to make the generalization that being drunk makes others appear more attractive. It would have also been helpful to have a control group for this experiment that did not consume any alcohol, and the same headshot was shown to them again after some time to see if they would change their rating. On the plus side of things, I thought it was good that they rated headshots during different levels of “drunkenness” to see at what level they would change their ratings. It would be interesting to find out if the same results hold true if they fine tune the weaknesses and make this a valid experiment.


  2. I find this experiment very intriguing. A lot of good points were made in regards to things that were strengths and weaknesses of the experiment. Like how you made the point of the scale being too broad. I feel like lowering the scale range will make the ratings more effective in the long run because each number will be more significant. It is also a good point that each person rating should be given the same pictures before and after consuming the alcohol. Not giving the same picture before and after can skew the data set because maybe one of the cast members never found a picture attractive to begin with but the original one shown to them was an attractive person, making the ration of attractive/ unattractive not correct. By doing this it seems as if the conclusion they drew about drunk people finding others more attractive cannot be completely proven. Another good addition to the experiment could have been a control group of people that never consumed any alcohol. They would be shown the same headshot twice and see if their ratings of that headshot was the same. A strength to this experiment would be how they rated people when they were under different levels of intoxication and see if ratings would change further. If all weaknesses of the experiment were corrected it would be interesting to see if the experimental results changed in any way.


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