First Impression Ch.3 (Option 1)

There are several pros as well as cons when deciding whether marijuana should be legal or not. There is a difference when talking about recreational marijuana and marijuana used for medical purposes. Medical marijuana actually possesses healing effects while recreational marijuana can be dangerous. In my opinion, medical marijuana should be legal because in many instances marijuana can benefit people who are sick. Years ago, my aunt had cancer and flew to Mexico in order to use medical marijuana. The medicine decreased her nausea and helped relieve pain, she was also given a certain dosage which controlled the amount she took. The medical marijuana also was said to help decrease the growth of cancer cells, which is amazing. Another pro of legalizing medical marijuana is if the doctor has no other options to treat an illness, the sick patient does not need to be sent on a plane to receive the treatment needed. Recreational marijuana can cause danger, and there are other ways to have a good time. Marijuana used for the wrong reasons can do more harm than good. Using marijuana for enjoyment can lead to increased heart rate, panic attacks, and impaired cognition (Source ). There are long term effects from using marijuana, which include mood swings, memory loss, lung infections, and more (Source) . The point is, marijuana is a drug and for people to use it recreationally deaths could be the result and it could negatively impact futures. The hard part is if we legalize medical marijuana, marijuana for recreational purposes will be easier to get access to. Overall, I believe medical marijuana should be legalized for helpful purposes while recreational marijuana does more harm than good.

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1 thought on “First Impression Ch.3 (Option 1)”

  1. I think this is a really interesting viewpoint to have on the difference between medical and recreational marijuana. Typically, people who approve of one approve of the other, but you have taken matters into your own hand to educate yourself and make sure that you weren’t blindly following what many others believe. I really appreciate your inclusion of sources, as well, since I had not heard about these correlations between panic attacks and recreational marijuana use. I think the legalization of medical marijuana would make access to recreation use more prevalent, as you mentioned, but this is a risk that is taken with all drugs that can be viewed as dangerous in the wrong setting.


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