Intelligence Ch. 9 (Option 1)

Throughout my years of education I have had several different types of teachers. Some very smart who used large vocab words when speaking, and some who acted as if they had no idea what they were doing. My senior year of high school I had a young teacher who was very smart and seemed to always introduce new vocabulary when giving a lecture. This helped me learn new words and widen my own vocabulary. He was also very willing to help if I ever had a problem. My one math teacher was the opposite, he would stand on desks, and slap a ruler down on a desk to get our attention. If we needed help, we frequently asked another teacher for help because this specific teacher usually did not answer our questions and told us to ask a student in the class. When I had this same teacher for trig, I realized he was being tough on us, and wanted us to try and solve problems by ourselves first, instead of going to him for help right away. Some teachers I had were so friendly, and made learning fun, which resulted in me learning faster and understanding the material. A big key factor in whether or not I was going to do well in a class was depending on the certain topic. Sometimes it did not matter who the teacher was, if I disliked the class subject, then I did not enjoy the class.
I think in order to help students out nowadays, the school system has to have more evaluations, and offer a variety of different subjects. My high school was slowly adding more classes, but for the most part there were not many classes available to choose from. If there were more teacher evaluations, then the teacher will be less likely to prepare and do their best work when only being evaluated.


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