Ch. 13 First Impression – Personality

People often times do not think about what type of personality they really have. We live every day, usually not realizing what we say to people, how we reaction, or what habits we have. I took four personality tests, and surprising they each gave similar results. I did not realize the different ways that can decipher what personality a person has. There are a variety of personality tests, mainly asking questions about what you would usually do during a certain scenario. Taking the color test to determine my personality was a first for me, but surprisingly the results given were pretty much accurate. The first personality tests that I took revealed that I was ISFJ. The” I” stands for introvert, the “S” stands for sensing, the “F” stands for feeling, and the “J” stands for judging. The color test I took showed results that were for the most part true. The results showed that I avoid confrontation which is true. On the other hand the results also said that I always want to be correct the voice my opinion, which is not always the case. I do not understand how the order of which colors were picked can influence my overall personality. The personality tests involving the questions and what I would do in certain instances were somewhat hard to understand. There were questions where I felt both options pertained to me and it was hard for me to choose one. For the first personality test, it was ranking what I felt for each instance. The middle option of the scale was, “I don’t know” and I used that as a medium level option on the scale. Overall, the results that I received were mostly correct, but I probably did not answer all of the questions the way I wanted to because I was not sure what they were asking. Personality tests are not a good way to determine people’s personalities because some days people react differently, and online tests do not show overall personality.

Persoanlity Tests:



2 thoughts on “Ch. 13 First Impression – Personality”

  1. Your last sentence was perfect. I agree with that statement of how personality tests can vary due to the fact that people react differently depending on their state of mind for that day. That is definitely true for me. I also agree with your statement that we go about our everyday lives not knowing what we truly are saying and how we are reacting to certain situations at that given moment. The way it seems, these personality tests were testing your personality from the conscious perspective and not so much the preconscious and unconscious. I would pin point the color test for that statement. From you have stated, it seems that these personality tests are a hit or miss with their correctness. I may be wrong, but I doubt there is a test that can test someone’s personality at the level of the id, superego, and ego. Based off of your statements, I feel these tests can give someone a good understanding about where their personality may fall, but not a 100 percent answer on what their personality is.


  2. I agree with your first sentence a lot. I’ve never really thought about what type of personality I have until we did the Johari Window. It’s really interesting to see what other people think of us compared to how we see ourselves. As we learned in class it can be really hard to depend on the validity of personality tests, and specifically because of the point you made that the tests you took were online and online tests do not show one’s overall personality. Face validity is also something that can make a personality test bogus. For example, when taking self-report questionnaires to measure personality, one can easily answer the questions in a way that will guarantee they will get a specific trait. I think a possible way to 100% determine ones true personality is somehow observe them throughout a course of a few days/weeks without them knowing and seeing how the carry themselves and interact with the world.


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